HS40 Water Conditioner
HS40 Water Conditioner
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The award-winning HS40 water conditioner provides a chemical-free solution for the harmful effects of scalecorrosionbacteria, and algae in both residential and small commercial applications. In addition, the HS40 increases filtration efficiency via flocculation. This powerful and durable water conditioner provides a fully encapsulated printed circuit board and power supply connection sealed with an ‘O’ ring. The HS40 fits pipes up to 63mm (2.5”) outer diameter.


The HS40 device was awarded the prestigious 2015 Kitchen Innovations Award by the National Restaurant Association. This award recognizes and celebrates cutting-edge equipment and technology that specifically improves the “back of the house” operations and benefits foodservice operators.


Popular Applications

  • Large homes.
  • Residential wells.
  • Restaurant kitchens.
  • Water features.
  • Residential and commercial pools and spas.
  • Residential and commercial water heaters. 


Main Benefits


Financial and Environmental Benefits

  • Reduces energy consumption.
  • Increases the efficiency of water heating equipment and machinery.
  • Eliminates or decreases chemical usage.
  • Decreases the need for chemical safety precautions, storage and disposal.
  • Reduces maintenance costs.
  • Average one year payback period.


Additional Benefits

  • Non-intrusive and easy to install - no plumbing modifications required.
  • Propagates the Hydropath signal along with the entire water system.
  • Provides 24-hour protection.
  • Does not interfere with other electrical systems.



  • Signal monitor light
  • PSU: Input 110-240V AC
  • Unit: Input 12V AC/DC
  • Max power: 1.2 W
  • Weight approx: 300grams
  • Dimensions: H 152 x W 118 x D 45mm
  • Maximum pipe diameter 63mm OD
  • Lead length 3m


Installation of this device does not replace periodic equipment preventative maintenance procedures. Such as purging your water heater.


HydroFLOW residential devices are designed for ease of installation. With this said, it may be necessary to have your unit installed professionally, depending on the configuration of your plumbing system.  


For additional technical information about these products, please visit our technology page. If you have any questions or wish to locate a local representative, please contact us.


About HydroFLOW HS40

The HS40 is a descaler and chemical Reducer for pools, large homes and commercial kitchens. It is designed to protect your heating system and appliances and make limescale-stained surfaces easier to clean.


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